Business impact of human trafficking

The Impact on Business

The prevention of human trafficking not only benefits victims of trafficking. It's a good business decision.

“When we look at the men we’ve arrested for buying sex, its clear that the majority are employed by businesses in our area.”

Valiant Richey
King County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney​

Watch this short video to understand the issues of sex trafficking and how it can impact your business.

Our employer partners developed BEST Practices to prevent sex trafficking:

Internal policies and practices
Jobs for survivors

Best practices for employers
train employees to assist potential victims of human trafficking
organization benefits

What benefits will this bring to my organization?

Receive positive, external recognition for your corporate responsibility leadership.
Protect your organization from risk while doing good for your community(s).
Gain access to cutting-edge research, policies, training, and best practice materials.
Participate in events to share information with leaders in the field.

What are the risks of not addressing this issue?

Brand risk
Loss of federal contracts
Increased legal & financial risk
Decreased employee productivity
A hostile work environment
organization risks
Address the issue of human trafficking

How can BEST help address this issue in a way that works with our culture?

BEST has a simple self-assessment tool for organizations to measure their success and their opportunities for impact. Rather than imposing rigid requirements for employers to follow, our partners use this tool to determine which BEST Practices are most aligned with their corporate culture.

Take the self-assessment