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Human trafficking intersects with mass transit. Children and adults are being exploited for sex and labor trafficking at an alarming rate. Human traffickers recruit victims at transit stations and transport their victims on buses and trains to places where they'll be exploited. In addition, 26% of survivors said that public transit played a role in at least one of their exit attempts. Transit employees are uniquely positioned to notice and assist victims of this horrible crime.

By viewing our 30-minute training, employees will learn:

  1. What human trafficking is
  2. How to identify human trafficking
  3. How to respond to potential human trafficking incidents
  4. How to prevent human trafficking
train employees to assist potential victims of human trafficking

It's happening

26% of survivors said that public transit played a role in at least one of their exit attempts.
Buses are the most frequently used method of transit for survivors exiting their exploitation.
42% of survivors said their traffickers used buses to facilitate their exploitation and 27% said they used trains

It's harmful

Young children, teenagers, and adults are being sexually exploited and forced to work against their will.
All trafficking victims experience force, fraud, or high levels of control over work situations they feel unable to leave. Many also experience threats, assaults, and violence.

You can help

Training, specifically designed for the transit industry, will teach you to spot the signs and how to safely respond.
The best way to end it, is to prevent it. Learn how.

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