Our Story at BEST Alliance

Our Story

train employees to assist potential victims of human trafficking

Our Vision

BEST is a nonprofit organization that launched in 2012 with a single vision: prevent human trafficking.

Today, we are preventing human trafficking across the US and around the globe because we believe that every person has the right to be free from commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor. We hope you will watch this video so you can learn about our work and join us in changing the world one training, one job, one life at a time.

Our Mission

BEST educates employers to prevent human trafficking and creates pathways to employment for survivors.

Our programs spark generous ACTS by our employer partners:

  • Awareness about the links between trafficking and their place of work
  • Consultation to implement BEST practices  
  • Training for employees to identify and prevent trafficking
  • Safe Jobs for survivors of human trafficking
Industries we educate on human trafficking


A foundation in Seattle, WA hosted meeting with trafficking experts to strategize on human trafficking prevention. The idea for BEST was born.


BEST launched


Launched the Inhospitable to Human Trafficking training course in partnership with the Washington Lodging Association


Launched the Ending Exploitation Collaborative with the Organization for Prostitution Survivors and the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office


Published BEST Practices and sample policies with 18 international employer partners


Launched the BEST Online Training Center to offer Inhospitable to Human Trafficking and BEST Basics


Launched our partnership with AAHOA, the largest hotel owners association in the world


Started the Safe Jobs Collaborative with 10 partner agencies and employers


Launched King County’s first awareness campaign with 4 transit partners


Launched Flights to Freedom and Ports to Freedom, online courses for aviation and maritime industries


Launched WASE Forward, to involve policymakers in trafficking prevention efforts


Launched our Not Alone awareness campaign nationally with 54 employer and government partners


Kirsten Foot, PhD joins BEST as new CEO & Executive Director