training for us port employees on human trafficking

Ports to Freedom
Maritime Training

Human trafficking is happening in U.S. ports. Often called an "invisible crime," the signs of human trafficking are not clear to the untrained eye. You and your employees probably encounter people being exploited. If you know what to look for, you might be able to help.

By viewing our 25-minute training, employees will learn:

  • What human trafficking is
  • How to identify human trafficking
  • How to respond to potential human trafficking incidents
  • How to prevent human trafficking

Preview a clip of Ports to Freedom below.

train employees to assist potential victims of human trafficking

"BEST created online training that's specific to our industry, affordable and convenient. I strongly encourage all of the maritime industry to join this initiative, so together we can end human trafficking."

CAPT John Veentjer (USCG Retired)
Executive Director
Marine Exchange of Puget Sound​

It's happening

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world.
It’s a major liability for the businesses where ​it takes place.​
It's everywhere, hiding in plain sight.

It's harmful

Young children, teenagers, and adults are being sexually exploited and forced to work against their will.
They are completely controlled by someone else, threatened and unable to leave.​

You can help

Training, specifically designed for ports, will teach you to spot the signs and how to safely respond.
The best way to end it, is to prevent it.​

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