Technology Manager

Although born and raised in Florida, Danae found her home in Seattle in 2017. She received her B.A. in Critical Media & Cultural Studies, with a concentration in Gender & Sexuality, from Rollins College. It was during her time at Rollins that Danae had the opportunity to study human trafficking through an academic lens. A combination of targeted course work, collaborative research projects, and working with local organizations resulted in a published journal article and conference presentations on human trafficking. After graduation, Danae began her career in the nonprofit sector. She has worked at organizations addressing issues ranging from Adult Basic Education needs to homelessness, always with the goal of working at an anti-trafficking organization some day. So when the opportunity to work at BEST presented itself, Danae was thrilled to bring her knowledge of technology and trafficking to the team.

In her free time, she loves exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband and beloved dog, River.